tori, 19, gemini
"You made the sun go down, but I sparkle in the night. You should run with me, cuz running makes everything alright."

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grungespock asked: would donations of money be helpful to you / something that you're comfortable accepting?



this would be immensely helpful honestly, there’s a donate button on my blog, but only do this if you feel comfortable doing so and it won’t take anything you need. we’ve been basically out of food for a week now (right now we’ve got some dry pasta and some peanut butter layng around and not much else, no veggies no meat) but we’re managing to scrape by

heres a fast link to quinns donate button, please help her out if you can she is a trans teen living in her 27 year old abuser’s old apartment

Donnie Darko (2001)

"You just don’t know how to tie it, do you?"


Taking naked pictures of yourself does not make you a bad person. People who share them without your permission are bad people.


if you want to ask a bisexual or asexual person about their sexual history to verify that they’re queer, but you don’t want them to take it the wrong way, try this useful communication technique:

give them twenty dollars and go away.


help me, i am trapped

in a haiku factory

save me, before they


Lana looks so different


Strong Tough


Mom: You’ve been playing that thing for like 4 hours now, aren’t you tired?

Me: Mom you fucking casual